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There is no denying the fact that today, travel businesses have to think a lot more about safe travel than before. One mistake can lead to unwanted consequences. As your travellers will start to hit the road and customers will begin travelling again - travel professionals like you will have to be ready with the answers.

This month, Technomine Travel Solutions will be exploring how we can help travel professionals improve travel safety, enhance total market coverage (TMC), drive sustainability, stay flexible and maintain a strong company culture. We will do this by showcasing services like 24*7 support for travel professionals, technical help desk and payroll accounting.

With these support services propping up your expansion plans, you get to provide your clients with the best tips to prepare a safe, secure and successful travel plan.

Travel safety is our priority

We are all looking forward to catching up with our colleagues and travelling again. It is essential for all of us to start travelling again, but at the same time, there are ever-changing rules we have to grapple with for the safety of all travellers.

At this point, travel professionals in the UK need to be ready with the right information about procedures that their clients need to follow while travelling. Suppliers in the UK have the responsibility to stay updated on the UK guidelines for safe and sustainable travel. This information can be used to alert travellers to any unexpected changes in their travel plans.

With Technomine Travel Solutions, travel professionals are constantly updated with the latest guidelines because we are a 24*7/365 organisation providing out-of-hours services for smoother interactions and safer business & leisure travel.

Strengthening the total market coverage

Most seasoned travel professionals know that Total Market Coverage (TMC) has been hit hard by the pandemic. Many travel companies have lost their customers en masse. Generating revenues and engaging the customers, ensuring their safety is now more difficult than it was in the pre-pandemic era. In this competitive market, it helps to stay regularly updated and have a strong financial background.

Out-of-hours services by Technomine Travel Solutions have helped travel professionals clear back-logs even when the last employee is logged out. Out-of-hours services with a reliable help desk can also help travel professionals to focus on their clients’ travel plans while we take care of the tedious jobs.

With the right staff members supporting your travel agency, you can cover a wider market, provide the best services and keep clients up - to - date on last minute travel changes. This ultimately helps improve your TMC as more happy customers are advocating for your travel services.

Travel outsourcing for sustainability

During the pandemic, travel businesses were also striving to plan for a sustainable future. This is because travel professionals focusing on a sustainable environmental approach are more likely to resonate with customers better. Sustainable growth plans include the following.

  • Paying equal wages facilitates community-building
  • Supporting the local communities
  • Considering low-emissions as a priority
  • Encouraging eco-friendly hotel practices

The Sustainable Travel Plan (2021-2025) helps travel professionals adopt sustainable practices. From green modes of transportation to growth plans, to paying equal wages to community building to reducing emissions; outsourced travel services can help support travel businesses in this endeavour.

For managing and preparing a sustainable growth plan, travel professionals should be focusing on improved staffing, higher efficiency and cost-effective solutions. With improved staffing, travel support becomes easier - leading to higher efficiencies within your business.

Sustainable solutions are also cost effective. Our services have helped travel professionals cut down on infrastructure costs, electricity bills, redundant paperwork.This leads to an increase in efficiency, resourcefulness as well as profits.

Flexibility to adopt new change

Over the past couple of years, the ever-changing restrictions have forcefully revolutionised the travel industry. There are positive facets to this change - such as the use of cashless payments, online booking and easy refunds. With these changing needs in mind, travel professionals need to constantly communicate with travellers about cancellation, booking and refund policies.

With Technomine Travel Solutions, travel professionals can enjoy services like HR advice & support, supplier payments, 24*7 services and much more. This leads to an extremely flexible travel service offering - allowing you to address and onboard new travellers and customers at the drop of a hat.

Displaying strong culture and values

Travelling is changing drastically in a post-pandemic world. Travellers seek agencies that are regularly updated, have good staffing and attentive working members. Positive travel support leads to better customer engagement. For better customer engagement and satisfaction, ask your agency the following questions.

  • How are we supporting our existing customers?
  • What are the customer satisfaction stats during the pandemic?
  • How is our employees’ engagement and wellbeing?
  • Are we working as efficiently as we can be?
  • How can we increase profits and stay sustainable?

Answering these questions is key to ensuring that your customers continue to travel post-pandemic with your support.


At the start of this blog, we set out to explore how travel is changing after the pandemic. Travellers are getting bolder with their travel plans. Yet, they are keen to stay safe and learn about changing travel policies. The ever-changing rules and regulations in the global travel industry are challenging to keep up with. We understand that travel professionals are up against a constantly moving target and strive to make your job supporting your customers as easy as possible.

We are an organisation that works 24*7*365. We hope that the topics we featured in this blog helped you see how improving travel safety, enhancing total market coverage (TMC), driving sustainability, staying flexible and maintaining a strong company culture can help drive efficiency & customer satisfaction as well. With time-efficient solutions, you can provide quality travel services and grow your travel practice by building a community of satisfied customers.

If you are looking for a tailored travel management solution, delivering customer service excellence, innovative technology and a demonstrable ROI, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact our team of experts today.

Published Date:    16/03/2022
Category:  Travel Support  
Author:  Admin

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About us

Technomine Travel Solutions are here to help and grow your business in these unprecedented times. We can support your business continuity, improve efficiency, reduce overheads and make your business more agile for the challenges ahead.

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About us

Technomine Travel Solutions are here to help and grow your business in these unprecedented times. We can support your business continuity, improve efficiency, reduce overheads and make your business more agile for the challenges ahead.

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