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How can administrative support help travel businesses improve operations?

The travel industry has evolved over the last 10 years to require proficient travel planners, helping their clients 24*7 by working out-of-hours with professional in-house expertise to streamline business efficiency. Of course, they will also be able to help your clients book a flight and hotel, send paper tickets, itineraries and a map.

In this blog, we will talk about issues in virtual admin support and how we can help travel businesses streamline operations. Our clients often wonder if our support can help them streamline their business, so we set about reviewing onboarding issues and how we help clients overcome them.

out of hours admin support can help streamline travel business

1. Sometimes, travel businesses feel they are losing control over their clients’ holidays when working with travel admin support staff.

We support short-term and long-term travel businesses by supplying bespoke staff services, including finance, IT, OOH support and admin help. In a nutshell, travellers do not relinquish control over their holiday when working with a travel professional. The more involved they are in the process, the more their travel consultant will get to know their requirements and preferences.

In addition, your clients can get customised itineraries based on diet preferences, favourite places to visit, and restaurants, among others. Even out-of-hours, when your teams have clocked out for the day, there is always someone within your offshore team to take care of the minute details - ensuring that your customers are always satisfied with your services.

At all times, your in-house agents receive live updates from your virtual team - so that you can remain in control of the entire process.

improve travel business with admirative support

2. Travel professionals worry about little tasks slipping through the cracks - and how they will keep track of operations in real time.

As we mentioned above, there is a need for proficient travel planners to help their clients 24*7 by working out-of-hours to take care of tasks like booking a flight or hotel to sending itineraries for your customer, the virtual team can take care of all the little details - and report back to you in real-time.

In addition to reporting to your team, customer support can update your customers in real-time about events like border closures, extreme weather or high alerts. This ensures that travel guidelines and policies that customers might overlook are always on the radar for safe and hassle-free travel.

travel professionals are always up to date

3. Hiring virtual admin staff and customer service agents will become an expensive headache - another item added to their already busy agenda.

With an offshore customer service & admin vendor like Technomine Travel Solutions, your customers can enjoy a memorable journey without worrying about minor details before planning a holiday. This allows travel professionals to sit back and make room for high-ticket activities like networking and sales.

Visit our blog page to learn more about the benefits of hiring a virtual travel assistant.

affordable and reliable

4. Sometimes travel businesses have reservations about reliability daily, not knowing they can book everything from small cab rentals to long-haul flights.

You can ask your virtual team to book anything and everything!

The travel support staff is not only there to book an entire holiday for your clients. They can help your clients to book car rentals, travel insurance, scooters, strollers and more. For every reservation, no matter how small or big, travel admin help is always there for your clients.

5. Travel professionals are unsure of which tasks an offshore team can handle on their behalf and how their customers perceive this

Virtual travel support staff can save time and money for your clients. However, people might think about how having a third-party vendor will impact your customers.

We help our clients work through this by ensuring that your offshore team is working - quite literally - as a satellite extension of your on-ground team!

All the back-end work, like planning itineraries, finding the best offers, comparing flight rates, and communicating the information to your customers, happens under our clients’ organisation. Your virtual team is no different from your on-ground team.

hire travel administrative staff for travel agency

Start your journey with Technomine Travel Solutions today!

Technomine Travel Solutions is not a typical offshore call centre operation, one size fits all. We offer bespoke staff that become part of our customers’ teams and support their operations. We provide a flexible model of outsourced skilled staff to fill the gaps and give business continuity with no recruitment or set-up costs, flexible contracts, and low monthly fees.

Our team at Technomine Travel Solutions can help fulfil front-end sales roles for some companies. However, they also fulfil admin roles at the back end and finance to ensure business continuity. Due to a lack of staff and resources, some businesses are looking at shutting up shops. Technomine Travel Solutions allows them to continue and support their existing team.

Technomine Travel Solutions supports travel professionals working hard to make customers' dreams a reality. We help travel businesses with services, including cost-effective travel solutions, 24/7/365 support, skilled professionals and customer engagement.

Click here to see how our unique model for 24*7 operational support can help travel professionals grow faster and support more customers without sacrificing service quality.


  1. What does a travel professional do?
    A good travel assistant stays on top of updates and events in the industry to give your clients the real scoop on an issue. A professional travel assistant knows the ins and outs of a situation. They can update your clients with recent information about the change in travel guidelines and policies per country.
  2. Why do we need a travel professional?
    Travel professionals save time and money for your clients. All the back-end work, like planning for a holiday, finding the best deals and offers, comparing the flights and locating the hotels needed for a good holiday, happens when they have a proper specialist. Travel professionals working on your behalf can help your clients recommend nearby activities to enhance their travelling experience.
  3. What are the responsibilities of a travel professional?
    Here are a few responsibilities of a travel professional.
    • Get real-time updates

    • Information about the tours and places of interest

    • Advising on visa and travel insurance

    • Preparing travel documents and itineraries

    • 24*7 support

    • Scalability and reliability

Published Date:    15/11/2022
Category:  Virtual Administrative Assistant  
Author:  Admin

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Technomine Travel Solutions are here to help and grow your business in these unprecedented times. We can support your business continuity, improve efficiency, reduce overheads and make your business more agile for the challenges ahead.

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About us

Technomine Travel Solutions are here to help and grow your business in these unprecedented times. We can support your business continuity, improve efficiency, reduce overheads and make your business more agile for the challenges ahead.

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