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Top 15 travel trends to watch for in 2022

Destinations, suppliers, and tourist attractions in the UK are all set to welcome 2022. The feeling is surreal when you check-in at the airport to board a flight to your favourite spot or even a new paradise.

That celebratory champagne at the airport lends an altogether different air to the “We are travelling again” sentiment so many travellers are feeling after being cooped up at home for so long.

A lot has changed over the past couple of years. People are exposed to technology all day. Remote working is here to stay. Online shopping, online learning and even online social events are the new norms. That said, nothing beats the fervour and excitement of visiting new places in person! The travel industry is gearing up to celebrate 2022 with some of the latest trends picking up pace.

Generation Z Loves Workcations


The sudden need for a flexible environment has shifted our attitudes towards how we work. According to research, 40% of Generation Z employees are planning to take a workcation (essentially, working while travelling-but not travelling for work). In the travel industry, vacation rentals continue to be the preferred accommodation type. Short-term rentals offer people their own happy space. Travel becomes easier. Rent your own space and enjoy the luxury of a 5 or 4-star hotel sipping your favourite drink and working.

Technological Efficiency

Technological support has helped in meeting the demands of the customer. The hospitality managers are given the advantage to make efficient properties using modern technology. Rentals and hotels now have access to smart home tech, online reservation, check-in and check-out to give guests maximum satisfaction during the vacay. Some are moving towards contactless solutions and this growth is likely to continue to grow. Investors have already started to invest in vacation start-ups. Earlier in 2021, a start-up named Pacaso, owned by SmartStay received $75 million.

Business Travel New Type

Staff is getting more productive and the retention rate is predicted to get better in 2022. Travel companies are likely to hire a more qualified staff globally. Thanks to remote working! It is now easier to connect with people and hire talented candidates for the company. Corporate travel is likely to increase as people have not forgotten the value of face-to-face meetings. According to research, there will be a 38% growth in corporate trips in 2022.

Last-minute bookings

People are looking for an excuse to travel again. Travel companies are witnessing last minute bookings galore, even as the omicron variant spreads across the globe. The demand is there and people want to travel. People are spontaneously making plans resulting in increased last-minute bookings. According to Fortune, the demand for travel is more likely to continue to grow in the next half months of 2022.

New Experiences

Do you remember the movie featuring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet “The Holiday” - based on the ideal home swapping scenario? Research says that around 85% of travellers are looking for new travel experiences. As a travel support solutions company, we are ready to support our agents and operators to meet this growing demand.


Booking multiple trips back-to-back is known as trip stacking. In 2022, we will be witnessing people looking for long holidays, breaks and packages. The need for travelling and getting out of the house is why people are choosing trip-stacking.

Holiday After Lockdown

Luxury All-Inclusive Safety

All-inclusive resorts have a reputation for being convenient and family-friendly. Pandemic travel has also introduced measures as mainstays to safer all-inclusive travel. These measures include mobile payments so that travellers do not have to swap cards or touch point-of-sale checkpoints frequently.

Low-Key Events

Travel companies and operators can now focus on making an event low-key. Small gathering events are making a comeback. People are looking for more intimate options like smaller venues and private holiday spots. Even when the restrictions are easing, customers are favouring intimate team meetings, parties, weddings and other events.

Wellness and Balance

After so much time crammed at home, people are longing to dive into nature’s beauty. Tour agents and operators are overwhelmed with requests to find the best mountain resorts.

Business Travellers are Back

Business travellers are looking for excuses to travel. Almost half of the business travellers believe they will meet or exceed pre-pandemic levels of travel by the end of 2022. This is great news for travel agents, tour operators and leisure travel providers!

Landing on the Road

One of the emerging trends in 2022 is the increase in road trips. People are excited to travel by road - plus the safety of it cannot be matched by public travel. People are choosing road trips instead of flights and trains. A majority of travellers are planning road trips through nature, searching for cabin rentals and working remotely to explore the outdoors.

Travel agents and tour operators sustainable travel solutions

Sustainable Priority

In 2022, people are more concerned about sustainable travel. They are hunting for tour operators that help them travel into nature without damaging the environment. Even Google is making changes to encourage transparency around travel sustainability. Watch out for this trend.

Dream Vacations

While cooped up indoors, people are dreaming of their ideal vacation destination. This travel fever is amplified as people are looking at extra savings from being indoors during the pandemic. In late 2021, the trend towards dreams vacation and luxury travel grew up to 50%. Travel agents can increase customer satisfaction by arranging with the hotel for drinks at check-in, welcome hampers, cuisines and dine-in options to encourage people to travel again.

Flexibility in Travel

With the ups and downs in 2020 and 2021, travellers are looking for agencies to set them up with flexible bookings and hefty cancellation penalties. According to research, 87% of the people have agreed that flexibility is a key term when travelling. In 2022, guests are expecting flexible travel packages and conditions. Offering packages with flexible options are crucial to onboarding pre-booking customers. Think flexibility in everything from cancellations to refunds to dates of arrival and departure.

Diversity and Inclusion

Even travel agents and tour operators will need to focus on creating a diverse and inclusive image and culture. In 2022, we will be witnessing more hotels, travel agents, tour operators and leisure travel providers making positive changes to be inclusive including gender-neutral language, website design and overall branding.

Travelling responsibility in 2022

Next Steps for 2022

2022 is all about new beginnings. Travellers are ready with their bags holding on to their dream vacations. For tour operators and travel agents, it is our time to turn their dream vacation into reality. While this is positive news, we understand that it can be a challenge for travel agents and tour operators to meet the burgeoning needs of eager travellers. At Technomine Travel Solutions, we are prepared to support travel operators with 24*7 support and consultation over recruiting qualified staff. Some of our services include cost-effective solutions, off-hours working and improved staffing solutions.

Reach out to us at if you want to learn more about how you can use our support services to grow your travel agent business.

Published Date:    11/01/2022
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Technomine Travel Solutions are here to help and grow your business in these unprecedented times. We can support your business continuity, improve efficiency, reduce overheads and make your business more agile for the challenges ahead.

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About us

Technomine Travel Solutions are here to help and grow your business in these unprecedented times. We can support your business continuity, improve efficiency, reduce overheads and make your business more agile for the challenges ahead.

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